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Revitalized! South Shore 2021

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

This was my first in-person conference since the pandemic began. I have definitely grown fond of the commute to my in-home office and wearing pj bottoms to countless zoom meetings, but it felt great to be wearing my "networking" shoes again.

I met amazing women, caught up with many I'd been missing, and reconnected with many experiences that I didn't know I had missed so much... Laughing with a group...the tears down the cheeks kind - Christine Hurley Dancing with joy...oh yes, there was disco & an electric slide (or two) - Alycia Lopes Gathering and being welcomed in to a shared space & experience - Stacey Shipman

Sharing our stories, our insights, and how we fill our vessels - Joanna Dutra Learning from others, how sharing our vulnerabilities makes us stronger - JC Monahan Celebrating achievement, compassion, and vision - Cara Belvin

The conference featured 30 local women in panel presentations and I was honored to be one of them. In our panel, Communicating for Change, Laura Willis, Susan MacConnell, and I shared strategies for leading change within yourself, your family, work or community. Our diverse and unique experiences made creating our presentation a personal learning experience and expanded my perspective of leading change. All the panels throughout the day, served as a great reminder that talent, experience, and capability are local, AND that people are so generous and willing to share.

Thank you so much to Cathie Briggette for her leadership over the past year, to She's Local's Jen Maseda for helping us showcase local talent of the South Shore, to all the board members and volunteers who made the conference a reality!

Here's the download of the change leadership in action portion I shared in Communicating for Change. Lead on!
A Leader Who CARES Guide to Communicating for Change
Download PDF • 189KB

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