Some Answers.

What should I look for when selecting an executive coach?

Experience, integrity, and professionalism should be your mimimum standard.
More important, but more dificult to assess, is the interpersonal raport and ability to create a positive working alliance.
During the coaching process, you will want to be comfortable opening up to your coach to discuss personal and professional stressors you’re facing. You will also want to accept feedback and advice from your coach. It’s important to find someone in whom you can confide and whom you can trust to push you, when appropriate.
You can request a chemistry meeting to assess this "fit." During this meeting you can also review the coach’s working model and processes.

If my company sponsors the engagement, is it confidential?

All written notes and communication between the coach and the individual receiving coaching (the "client") are kept strictly confidential unless authorized by the client to share externally. Since the organization is funding the services, they of course want to see a return on the investment. The coach will inform the sponsor or client’s manager of general progress, but will not share specifics about the conversation or any confidential information. These conditions are set forth at the beginning of the agreement, so there is no confusion.

How is success defined?

In many engagements, clients have a specific set of skills they want to improve (communication, delgation, stakeholder relationships) and we define what the desired end state looks like.
However, in just as many engagements, we need to involve stakeholders in the process to define success, and how it will be measured. Especially when organizations are growing or in transition, goals are not always well-defined. We often facilitate improved clarity and measurable goals for our clients.
The client is always the person who makes the final definition.

Should I be concerned if my company has "offered" to hire an executive coach for me?

No. By investing in an experienced, professional executive coach, your company is demonstrating their committment to your success.
Executive leadership coaching is a benefit, not a remediation.

What if I decide the engagement isn't working for me?

You have this conversation with your coach. And if a new course of action or path forward doesn't feel right for you - provide notice and terminate your agreement.