Leadership Strategies 
for technical experts, problem solvers, and analytical thinkers


We work with individuals who have earned senior leadership positions as a result of their specific technical expertise, ability to achieve goals, and talent for teaching others.

We partner with our clients to create processes that enhance their ability to lead and develop their upcoming leaders and teams; communicate and align objectives with peer and executive teams; and balance the competing demands for their time. 

Through one-on-one, private coaching, we help clients build awareness of specific behaviors which are limiting their success and develop behaviors which are more effective for their current executive leadership role.  

"Leadership is a journey,

not a destination.

It is a marathon,
not a sprint.

It is a process,

not an outcome."

 J. Donahoe - 

We believe in the capability of the leaders we seek to serve. We expect they will thoroughly research options before committing and strive to make that process easier. (we work the same way)

Our goal is to provide deeply analytical professionals with useful information to determine if executive leadership coaching might benefit their specific situation. 

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