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Executive Coaching.

For scientific, technical & analytical minds

There's no shortage of executive coaches and often no difference in our messages. Our websites are cluttered with hype and buzzwords like leadership presence, transformation, and exponential growth. None of which helps you to distinguish a particular coach or know who might help you achieve what you want. 

So at the risk of losing your business, let's get specific.

Acumentri's clients are executives and aspiring senior leaders in scientific, technical, and/ or deeply analytical fields. They have a history of success based on their expertise and ability to execute. They need to balance the requirement to maintain deep expertise in their field with the management and development of their teams. And they want their perspective to have a broader impact throughout their organization. 

It's not rocket science.

Executive Leadership Development is an iterative process. 

We create processes and leverage frameworks to help clients be better understood, more collaborative, and motivating to the variety of personalities within their organization.

The process starts by clearly defining our clients' objectives for the engagement. These goals will be framed in context of organizational success and personal objectives. 

We will assess a baseline within the targeted areas of development through the combination of self-reporting, assessments, qualitative interviews, and observation. 

Working sessions consist of building awareness and understanding of current behavior, defining the desired outcome, and developing new strategies and processes to implement.

And it's not easy.

Improving leadership acumen requires change which requires effort. And humans innately choose paths of least resistance.

Our clients are very intelligent, masters of sophisticated technical skills, and able to solve complex strategic problems. Having progressed to the executive level, these skills have been honed for years, often decades. 

The technical demands of each role, leave no "time-outs" for learning progressive leadership strategies as responsibilities expand. But it is possible to improve leadership impact by focusing on key behaviors.


The process does require a certain amount of internal fortitude and discipline. It isn't always easy to see where you're inadvertently contributing to a problem. This is where an experienced coach, who you feel comfortable with, can help.

Leadership Situations:

Coaching Situations

A Promotion

Executive coaching can be an acceleration tool as key leaders prepare for and move into larger and more global positions within their current company. This transition can often be complicated by history and the challenges of letting go of old responsibilities and redefining some relationships.

A New Organization

Executive Coaching can support newly hired executives come up to full impact as they learn and navigate the new culture while leading teams toward their defined goals. Executive coaching supports and accelerates alignment.

High Potential & Readiness

Sometimes leadership development isn’t tied to a specific new position but is helpful to prepare leaders for the next step in their career and to help push through natural development plateaus.

Organizational Change

When organizations ramp, scale, or reorganize, Executive Coaching can expedite the transition process and help leaders to define new strategies and operations to support their teams' success.

Sample Industries:


Biotechnology                                              Information Technology

Pharmaceutical                                            Manufacturing

Data Science & Mathematics                       Engineering

​Healthcare                                                   Food Science

Operations                                                   Cyber Security


Coaching Logistics:

6 months for the initial engagement, and can extend on a month to month basis. [ real change takes time]


Coaching sessions are bi-monthly and 60 - 90 minutes via video conference or phone, to accommodate the executive's schedule. 

Acumentri supports executives whenever needed. Clients have unlimited, ad hoc access to their Executive Coach for strategic and urgent matters that arise between sessions.

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