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Coaching Programs.

Goal Coaching for the organization

...for organizations who want to invest in a number of high potential leaders and critical employees.   

Successful organizations are the result of effective leadership which excels in goal setting, planning, and prioritizing. (obviously) But few leaders have the strategic time and space to attend to this practice. 

An executive coach will help your employees define motivational goals, flexible plans, and develop strategies to handle challenges. This neutral, external perspective, can often help employees gain clarity and identify new paths to success and engagement. 

Your executives will recognize the investment that you're making in them. 


Justice Mission, pro bono executive coaching

Executive Leadership Development is an iterative process.

The process starts by clearly defining our clients' objectives for the engagement. If input from others within the organization is desired, the coach will act on our client's behalf to collect specific, actionable feedback.

The next step is the establishment of a baseline in targeted areas of development. A client's baseline is created through the combination of self-reporting, assessment, feedback, and observation. The coach and client will work together to understand the work to be done to achieve the stated goals.

The client determines the priority focus at the beginning of each session. The coach is responsible for maintaining this priority. Discussion will consist of building awareness and understanding of current behavior, defining new desired state, and developing strategies and processes to develop new behavior. 


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Improving leadership acumen requires change which requires effort. And humans innately choose paths of least resistance.

Our clients are very intelligent, masters of sophisticated technical skills, and able to solve complex strategic problems. Having progressed to the executive level, these skills have been honed for years, often decades. 

The technical demands of each role, leave no "time-outs" for learning progressive leadership strategies as responsibilities expand. But it is possible to improve leadership impact by focusing on key behaviors.


The process does require a certain amount of internal fortitude and discipline. It isn't always easy to see where you're inadvertently contributing to a problem. This is where an experienced coach, who you feel comfortable with, can help.



The initial engagement is 6-9 months, and can be extended on a month to month basis.
Executive coaching is provided in-person, at either the client's or coach's location; remote, via phone or video conference; or a combination, depending on client preference and schedule.
Executive coaching occurs twice per month. Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes long.

The client has unlimited, ad hoc access to the coach via email and/ or text.
The term of the engagement may extend to accommodate client  travel schedules

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